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We Provide International Shipping of Perfume and other Dangerous Goods from the UK

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Dangerous shipment from the UK

We Ship Perfume and other Dangerous Goods from the UK

We are certified to ship perfume and other dangerous goods from the UK to UK addresses and from the UK to international destinations.

We can arrange to pick it up from a UK address or you can send it to us. You can also order from any UK online store using our UK address. Once we receive it, we can arrange to ship it to you worldwide via courier.

What is Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods refer to materials or substances that can pose a significant risk to people, property, or the environment. These goods can be in the form of solids, liquids, or gases and can have various hazardous properties such as flammability, toxicity, and corrosiveness.

Transporting, storing, and handling of dangerous goods require special precautions to prevent accidents, spills, and contamination. Regulations and guidelines have been established to ensure that the transportation and handling of these goods are done safely and effectively.

Let us handle shipping of your perfume and other dangerous goods from the UK. We ship small to large volume.

How to Ship Perfume & Dangerous Goods

Here are a few simple steps to ship dangerous goods from the UK using

1. Check

Contact and check whether the item can be shipped to your country.

2. Get a quote

If it can be shipped, we will provide you with an estimated quote. You can decide whether to proceed or not.

3. Send it

To proceed send us the goods. We can arrange a collection as well. We notify you once we receive the goods.

4. Repack and pay

We receive and repack to meet dangerous goods regulations. You  make a payment for international shipping

5. International shipping

We arrange to ship it and provide you with tracking information for you to monitor the shipment

6. Receive. Hurray!

Depending on the courier and local customs processing speed, you should typically receive your goods within 5-7 business days

We are fully certified to ship Dangerous Goods

You order perfume and other dangerous goods to our UK address, we accept, repack and ship to your door step

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